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Theory questions: mise-en-scene, the shot, the frame


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Jessica Brown

I am comparing the two films in their treatment of specific locations in relation to memories, and of the visual representation of memories in the mind.
Eternal Sunshine and Vertigo both place great importance on locations where events happen. Therefore, those locations are significant when characters remember what happened. But their visual styles for those memories are very different.

Ryan Giles

I would have to agree with Jessica. Locations in Both films are important to the characters based on the memory they had in that location. Also another thing to compare these films is that each character is having a tough time trying to get of memories for certain things. For Scottie he has to relive the memories he had due to Vertigo and Joel can’t stop remembering Clementine after the memory deleted process was done.

Blake Bauer

One of the similarities between the two movies I found involved their use of color. They both used color to connect the current scenes with memories. In Vertigo, the green light scene is a good example and in Eternal Sunshine the color of Clementine's hair was often repeated elsewhere like at the beginning of the movie with the bird figures on the window.

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